At wewirepeople, we connect people via technology

That involves leading e.g. business people, application developers, infrastructure engineers, to achieve a joint solution

Those can be your people, your business partner's people, our people; here, there and everywhere. Large-scale, small, or anything in between

Keywords often are EDI, EAI, Unified communications, Integration, ESB, middleware, SOA - that varies with your mileage

  • Connect your inventory system with your order system?
  • Integrate your Social media streams with your Customer Service?
  • Link your Cloud CRM system to your own Sales application?
  • Automate your Purchase-to-Order across multiple businesses?
  • Migrate your legacy platform to a new one without loss of productivity?

No problem, we can do it all. We have 25 years of experience in the field and no project ever failed

What we offer is pragmatic and costefficient advisory and consulting

Don't wait to adopt. The fittest adapt